Arnold Expo Tickets

28 Dec

All competitors will receive wrist bands for the Arnold Sports Festival weekend. This will get you into the Expo for the entire weekend.  All coaches, spectators, family and friends, you will need to purchase your Expo wrist bands.  They can be purchased for the day or the entire weekend, but you must have one in order to get into the events, including the powerlifting.

You may pre-purchase the tickets at: Or you can purchase them at the door, but do note that the lines can be fairly long.

3 thoughts on “Arnold Expo Tickets

  1. Where will the lifters need to pick these up? I had to pay to get into the expo last year, becasue I could not find where to get the bands on the days I was not lifting.

  2. Tim – Athletes will receive a band that will cover the Expo for the entire weekend. You receive that when you check in with the USAPL table. Anyone outside of the lifters will need to purchase their tickets through the Arnold, either online or at the ticket booth, which is generally outside of the Expo doors.

  3. What events are included with the expo wristbands? Are the wristbands more like an “all(most) access” or ???

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