Arnold Invitation and Entry now available

5 Oct

The Invitation for the USAPL Events is now available.  >> Invitation

Please note that some changes have been made to this year’s events.  The Raw Challenge and NAPF Pro American are now Open Entry meets to any lifter who meets the Criteria.  The first 75 Raw lifters and the first 60 NAPF lifters who complete their entry and entry fee will participate in the Arnold.  Once the limits have been reached for these events, entries will be returned.

The Pro Bench, Pro Deadlift and Ohio Invitational are invitational only.   These athletes will be contacted shortly.

10 thoughts on “Arnold Invitation and Entry now available

  1. I qualified at the Raw Nationals but I dont know my specific wilkes. How do I find that?
    Can I register without it?

    Jeff Phillips

  2. Hello,
    You should be able to find it on the results, which are posted on the USAPL website.


  3. Hello,
    I have just taken note of the last publication about l’ invitation with Arnold sports festival 2011.
    I would wish just a precision for the competition ” Titan Pro Bench”. the invitations will be made directly by l’ intermediary of the National federations of l’ athlete or directly with l’ invited athlete.
    I thank you, by advance, d’ an answer your share.
    PINGUET Cyril.
    Athlete of France Team.

  4. What is the procedure for invitations for Secondary Selection for those who have earned a raw 325 or higher Wilks in a USAPL competition but did not compete at Raw Nationals?

  5. They will be invited if there are still openings and only after all those qualified have declined participating. Keep checking back to the USAPL Arnold webpage for updates, this is main source of communications for the events.

  6. Our international lifters who have ranked high have already received an invite through their federation. At this time, we have a full roster from Europe.

    Best Regards.

  7. I will be competeing @ sunshine state games in fort myers, fl on 12/12/10 raw. I would love to go to the aronld. I hope I can get in and I have already talked to Rob Keller about this.

    Thank You, Beau Moore

  8. Is this an IPF or USAPL meet? Will the current weight classifications be used or the New ones the IPF just passed for Jan 1?

  9. Information on the weight class changes will be coming from the EC in the next week or so. At this time we do not have any info to give, sorry.

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