2019 Criteria Released!

Arnold Expo – Rogue Strength Stage

2019 Arnold Sports Festival will be changing a few of the events and criteria to participate.  We will now have one Bench competition that will consist of both raw and equipped benching, this will be held Saturday.  Sunday will now have two new events, the Battle of the Regions (replacing the Ohio Push-Pull) and the Squat Challenge (replacing the pro bench meet on Sunday).

Battle of the Regions: athletes will be selected from those competing in their 2018 Regionals.   Each of the eight regions will be teamed up against each other as well as male and female for best lifter.  Which Region will come out on top?

Squat Challenge: A change of pace and outside of the box competition, this event will be held on the Rogue Strength Stage and will be a 2x body weight squat rep off competition.  Male and females will compete in lightweight and heavyweight categories to see who can complete the most amount of reps.

2019 Criteria to Participate  Entries will begin to go live after Nov 1.  Information will be posted at arnold.usapowerlifting.com, upcoming newsletters and Facebook.

Arnold – Ballroom
Arnold Expo – Main Stage