Battle of the Regions – Invite

The Battle of the Regions Invite has been sent, if your name is below, please check your emails!

Region First Name Last Name
Central Ryan Baylark
Central Jeffrey Thompson
Central Taylor Phillips
Central Nehemiah Owusu
Central Tommy Schneider
Central Madison Diemert
Central Daniel Strittmater
Central Matthew Jordan
MidAtlantic Marisa Lara
MidAtlantic Chelsea Nkwodimmah
MidAtlantic David Mcdonald
MidAtlantic Zachary Broderick
MidAtlantic Cheyenne Perkins
MidAtlantic Kyle Miller
MidAtlantic Ricardo Gracias
MidAtlantic T. Justin Cooper
Midwest Cassandra Misiak
Midwest Paige Hubbard
Midwest Christopher Destephen
Midwest Drew Sherman
Midwest Bonnie Carlson
Midwest Brandon Sims
Midwest Cort Severns
Midwest Brock Hertrampf
Northeast Kathy Le
Northeast Kait Mandell
Northeast Evan Glasgold
Northeast Leah Cook
Northeast Sean Collins
Northeast Matthew Hence
Northeast anthony parrella
Northeast Samantha Cohen
Northwest Nicole Broadwell
Northwest Stephanie Odenbrett
Northwest Adrian Kim
Northwest Kaela Dark
Northwest Daniel Libre
Northwest Clarence Lyons
Northwest Luke Nilo
Northwest Nathan Alexander
Southeast Adam Steede
Southeast Rebecca Nunns
Southeast Justin West
Southeast Lauren Quinones
Southeast Joshua Broussard
Southeast Grayson Beasley
Southeast Tara Hadzick
Southeast Heather Faas
Southern Brittney Barksdale
Southern David Shelton
Southern Daniela Kilgore
Southern Christian Habihirwe
Southern Ashton Rouska
Southern Stratford Washington
Southern Albert Willingham
Southern Michelle Akpala
Southwest Precious Andrew
Southwest Ademola Adeniran
Southwest Troy Thompson
Southwest Keenan Dung
Southwest Brittany Holloway
Southwest Rolando Verduzco
Southwest Jennifer Lusk
Southwest Stephanie Hodge-Green


Athletes above have until November 30th to enter.  After that date, any Region Team still open will then be offered to the following lifters are on the Alternate list:

Region First Name Last Name Sex Alternate
Central Kelsey Webb F Alternate
Central Jacob Fixell M Alternate
Central Elis Bradshaw F Alternate
central Kendra Bryant F Alternate
MidAtlantic Brianna Bogdan F Alternate
MidAtlantic Samuel Bernstein M Alternate
MidAtlantic Adam Cavallaro M Alternate
MidAtlantic Kyle Myers M Alternate
Midwest Abigayle Race F Alternate
Midwest Michael Impennachio M Alternate
Midwest Skylar Cox N Alternate
Midwest Daniel Filipek M Alternate
Northeast Jessica Ward F Alternate
Northeast Michelle Butler F Alternate
Northeast Davis Parella M Alternate
Northeast Nathan Kulas M Alternate
Northwest Kendra Faber F Alternate
Northwest Laura Bailey F Alternate
Northwest John Song M Alternate
Northwest Mark Aulaumea M Alternate
Southeast Michael Astrologo M Alternate
Southeast Steven Ridges M Alternate
Southern Michael Pyon M Alternate
Southern Alex Sallade F Alternate
Southern Stella Pearson F Alternate
Southern Carlos Mata M Alternate
Southwest Vanessa Furby M Alternate
Southwest David Zvareck M Alternate
Southwest Eugenia Tashquinth F Alternate
Southwest Brandon Jordan M Alternate