Battle of the Regions – Invites

Congratulations to the following lifters, you are invited to participate in the Battle of the Regionals at the Arnold!

On Nov 1, an email will go out to each of you with the link to enter.  Important items to note:

  • You must renew your USA Powerlifting membership for 2019 prior to entering. (wait until Nov 1)
  • Entry must be completed by November 30th
Region First Name Last Name
Central Andrew Jones
Central Ben Miller
Central Bonnie Schroeder
Central Matthew Jordan
Central Payton Ireland
Central Rose Newport
Central Ryan Baylark
Mid-Atlantic Connor  Borkert
Mid-Atlantic Lam Viet Khanh Tran Ho
Mid-Atlantic Matthew Weisberg
Mid-Atlantic Michael Kuhns
Mid-Atlantic Rachel Gody
Mid-Atlantic T. Justin Cooper
Mid-Atlantic Tracy Moody
Mid-West Carsen Allen
Mid-West Cassie Kratt
Mid-West Charles Auta
Mid-West Christina Lazo
Mid-West Kristopher Hunt
Mid-West Mallory Brown
Mid-West Marcus Bell
NE Christopher Austin
NE Daniel Douglas
NE Danny Stachelek
NE Emily Liebert
NE Emily Kimball
NE Matthew Hense
NE Rachel Karam
NE Thomas Anderson
NE Y’Deidre Greene
NW Ben Rice
NW Daniel Libre
NW Jamie Owens
NW Madeline Scott
NW Nathan Alexander
NW Nicole Broadwell
NW Raymond Cruz
SE Andre Easter
SE Deidra Power
SE Kyle Hunt
SE Sarean Metzinger
SE Shane Hunt
SE Trey Robertson
SE Zach Morris
South Angel Moreno
South Brandon Ragoonath
South Garrett Bailey
South Giovanna Ortega
South James Meador
South Kamilah Todd
Southwest Jennifer Lusk
SouthWest Jeremy Hernandez
SouthWest Kristina Thoman
SouthWest Leon Bradford
Southwest Marcos Esquevil
Southwest Wesley Allen
SouthWest Zachary Dotas
SouthWest Zachary Moss

Should a region not fill up by the Nov 30th deadline, additional alternates will be contacted.