Interested in competing in one of the Invitational Events?

Are you interested in completing in one of the Invitational Only Events at the Arnold?

The online form below may be submitted if meet the following conditions:

  1. A member of the USA Powerlifting or IPF affiliate
  2. Have competed in a National or International event in 2015/2016

Event minimums:

  • Pro American (Raw): Women 465 Wilks/ Men – 500 Wilks
  • Pro American (Equipped): Women 535 Wilks / Men 555 Wilks
  • Pro Deadlift: Women 185kg & 200 Wilks / Men 320kg & 200 Wilks
  • Pro Raw Bench: Women 100 Wilks / Men 125 Wilks
  • Pro Bench (Equipped) Women 130 Wilks / Men 160 Wilks

If you want to apply for more than one event, submit a separate application for each.

(Open division winners from Raw Nationals, Open Nationals and Open Team Members for Raw and Open Worlds will get an automatic invite to the Pro American.)


Athletes selected will be notified by early November.