Invited lifters to the Next Lifter Ohio Classic

The following lifters have been invited to the Next Lifter Ohio Classic.  Please remember, it is a first-come-first-serve basis for entry.  There are only 30 slots available.

Carrye Stallard Alex Cramer
Cheritha Schaffer Austen Vickers
Hannah Niehaus David Stallard
Helen Daher Derrick Young
Jackie Kendziorski Dwain Croskey
Janet Koenig Ian Emmons
Jerriann Doll Jay Helms
Kim Price Jeff Goodrich
Kimberly Harrell Justin Mack
Kimberly Jones Justin McCurdy
Laurie Gooden Kevin Bombik
Stephanie Dzurnak Kevin Robinson
Marvin Bishop
Mason Harbour
Matthew Guzik
Melvin Logan
Michael George
Paul Felder
Ralph Young
RD Caldwell Jr
Timothy Struve