Parking and Transportation at the Arnold

We received the following message from the Arnold committee:

“As you are so much aware, we are trying very hard to prepare for the potential traffic congestion into the downtown due to the recent ongoing construction project.

We are asking for you to forward the information out to your athletes, committees and volunteers making them aware in order to plan ahead.  If we can let everyone know that the construction project is happening and recommend that they add extra travel time – this will help relieve any anxiety.

Recommend parking in any of the areas around the shuttle stops (red dots on map) – the complimentary motor coach will take them directly to the front doors of the Convention Center (including Veterans Memorial, Arena Grand Movie Theatre and LC Pavilion).

We have also met with the leading parking facilities and they will be offering rates from $5 to $15.  We do not endorse any of the parking over $15 and have been discouraging it.  COSI and Columbus Common parking  will be at $5 and would be great recommendations for those heavy traffic times.

We also have Click and Park on the Arnold Sports Festival website – for anyone that would like to prepay and reserve their parking lots (the links will be ready soon).”

Please visit the following webpage for transportion information, including contruction, parking, maps and shuttle information:

We understand that this will be a traffic challenge this year – but with your great support and early communication – everyone can plan their routes into the downtown for an enjoyable Sports Festival experience.