Raw Lifters – Please Read

The Pro Raw Challenge for 2014 is Full

As a reminder, this meet is  ‘first come-first serve’ for qualifying participants and as the Arnold Pump & Run event, fills up in less than a day.  The bullets below are in direct response to the lack of people being able to understand the meet had reached capacity and exhausting volunteer time with trying to work around the system.  Emails and phone calls concerning getting into this event will not be replied to.

  • If your name is on the Roster, you are IN
  • If your name is not on the Roster, you did not enter before the meet was filled
  • Do not enter another meet and ask to be moved over to the Raw Challenge
  • Do not make payment to the USA Powerlifting Paypal account and then ask for entry to the meet
  • We are not taking any more entries
  • We are not keeping an alternate list
  • Do not call or email asking for an exception

Reminder that in addition to your entry, you must comply with the deadlines in order to remain in the event. >> Important Dates

arnold.usapowerlifting.com is the main source of communication for this event.  Please bookmark this page.

Thank you.