USA Powerlifting Announces the Arnold Powerlifting Grand Prix!

USA Powerlifting announces its newest event in the Arnold, the Arnold Powerlifting Grand Prix. This will make the seventh event that USA Powerlifting promotes over the 3-day Arnold Sports Festival weekend in Columbus, OH.

What is the Arnold Powerlifting Grand Prix? 

It is the finale of the Arnold Powerlifting events worldwide, bringing together 16 of the top lifters on one stage!

This year will be the inaugural event in March,  and each of the 2017 powerlifting events at the Arnold’s worldwide will feed their athletes into the 2018 Arnold Powerlifting Grand Prix.

What will you see at the Arnold Powerlifting Grand Prix?

  • 16 of the top international men and women.
    • 8 Equipped Lifters (4 men/4 women)
    • 8 Raw Lifters (4 men/4 women)
  • 2 flights of 8 lifters
  • Scoring by Wilks, separated by Equipped/Raw and Male/Femal

Where and When?

Inaugural Competitors:

First Name Last Name Country Gender Division Wt Class Best Total (kgs)
Katherine Kasabuske United States Female Equipped 57 487.5
Kimberly Johnson United States Female Equipped 57 482.5
Ellie Steele GRB Female Equipped 57 475
Liane Blyn United States Female Equipped 84 657.5
Abrahamsen Sturla Maeland NOR Male Equipped 93 840
Nick Weite United States Male Equipped 120 1060
Kevin Jaeger Germany Male Equipped 120 1060
Blaine Sumner United States Male Equipped 120+ 1271.5
Liz Craven Australia Female Raw 52 418.5
Marisa INDA United States Female Raw 52 410
Jennifer Millican United States Female Raw 57 445
Jennifer Thompson United States Female Raw 63 486
David Ricks United States Male Raw 93 830
Stephen Manuel GBR Male Raw 105 861
Eli Burks United States Male Raw 105 851
Anthony Harris United States Male Raw 120 895