USA Powerlifting is Pleased to Announce as the Platinum Sponsor of the Pro Raw Challenge
 Title Sponsor for the Pro Raw Challenge!‘s founder,  Mark Rippetoe, was the strength training subject matter expert for CrossFit HQ from 2006-2009. now teaches strength training seminars around the globe, focusing on raw execution of the power lifts, the press, and the clean as the foundation of athleticism. “Rip” has authored numerous books, including Starting Strength, Practical Programming for Strength Training, and Mean Ol’ Mr Gravity. As Rippetoe says, “Strong people are more difficult to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.”
The Pro Raw Challenge is 75-athlete raw powerlifting event at the Arnold Sports Festival sanctioned by USA Powerlifting and the International Powerlifting Federation. It features some of the best raw powerlifters from around the globe. With over 6,000 members, USA Powerlifting is the nation’s preeminent powerlifting organization.