USA Powerlifting Introduces BENCH BLOKZ – Arnold GOLD Sponsor

Bench Blokz, a small company based near Charlottesville, Va., is the namesake of it’s core product(s); Bench Blokz are a high-density, anti-bacterial, space-age material that was developed to make a more convenient method of “board press” training available to bench press enthusiasts that often lift alone or with a limited number of spotters. Unlike traditional board press that requires at least two spotters, the “Bench Blokz press” can be accomplished by a lone lifter because the Blokz attaches securely to the bar by means of channels in the material. Offering three popular “board” heights in one unit, load tested to 700lbs, and weighing just under one pound it is functional, convenient, and easily transported. Move past your sticking points, with Bench Blokz!