Venue Map

The Venue Map:

Convention Center Map

  • ALL Registration and Weigh-ins will be in the C-POD rooms. (signs and staff will be there to assist you).
  • Rogue Strength Stage is in Exhibit Hall C. (Grad Prix, SSP Nutrition Pro Raw Bench, Titan Pro Bench)
  • Main Expo Stage is Exhibit Hall B (SlingShot Pro Deadlift)
  • C-POD (A7 Bar Grip Raw Challenge, SlingShot Pro American, NextLifter Ohio Classic)
  • Warm-ups for the C-POD events and Main Expo Stage will be in the C-POD warm-up area. Warm-ups for the Rogue Strength Stage events will be in the Exhibit Hall C.  We will provide those athletes further instruction at weigh-ins.

Map of the Convention Area