What you will need for your Arnold Entry

Getting excited to enter an Arnold event?  There are a handful of items you will want to gather prior to starting your entry form:

  1. The link to your qualifying results (this excludes the Raw Challenge since all U.S. lifters will be from the 2017 Raw Nationals)
  2. Your Qualifying Total in Kilos
  3. Your Qualifying Wilks
  4. Your USA Powerilfting Membership # (U.S. lifters only)
  5. Your best individual lifts (Squat, Bench, Deadlift & Total) in Kilos
  6. Three highlights about yourself (100 character limit for each)
  7. A high resolution lifting photos (we have permission from 9for9 Media for use of their photos)
  8. Your Coach’s name (this is for their ASF Expo wristband)