Monday, September 25, 2017
The 2018 Arnold Sports Festival Planning is underway.   Interested in competing?  If so, please check out the 2018 Criteria to Participate. We anticipate exciting competition in 2018 as the best in the U.S. as well as some appearances from our international friends go head-to-head setting records and grabbing the cash prizes!
For our cash winners: Your payouts will occur on April 7 and will appear in your account 2-3 business days after. If you have been drug tested, your payout will be pending your drug test results. (We anticipate results back prior to payout date.) All payouts of over $600 in total throughout the calendar year require a W-9 for as...
Congratulations to the 2017 Payout - Winners - $42,000 Total of this year's events at the Arnold Sports Festival. Winners will be contacted concerning payout.  Payouts are pending drug testing results.

Venue Map

The Venue Map: Convention Center Map ALL Registration and Weigh-ins will be in the C-POD rooms. (signs and staff will be there to assist you). Rogue Strength Stage is in Exhibit Hall C. (Grad Prix, SSP Nutrition Pro Raw Bench, Titan Pro Bench) Main Expo Stage is Exhibit Hall B (SlingShot Pro Deadlift) C-POD (A7 Bar Grip Raw Challenge, SlingShot...

Arnold Live Streaming

Live streaming for the Ballroom (CPod) events will be hosted at  The SlingShot Pro Deadlift will be hosted on the Arnold website: The new Rogue Strength Stage does not have the capabilites this year for live streaming.