All coaches must be current USA Powerlifting members.

Coach’s warm-up room passes ARE transferable. They may also be purchased up to the start of the weigh-in session for each athlete.

In order to keep our warm-up area unclutter, one coach per lifter is allowed in the warm-up room. (exception for equipped lifters who are permitted two coaches)

USA Powerlifting – Coach Responsibility

The aim of USA Powerlifting’s (USAPL) Coach Responsibility is to ensure the successful coaching of powerlifters at our regional and national championships while upholding USAPL standards of drug-free competition, professionalism, and sportsmanship in a manner consistent with the directives of our National Governing Body and Executive Committee.

The coach has many duties and responsibilities associated with the above aim including the following procedures and code of conduct:

Personal attire:

Coaches should exhibit a professional look.  Personal attire should be clean and not torn.  Shirts must have sleeves, athletic shorts or pants, cargo shorts, and jeans are acceptable.  Offensive clothing or clothing from other federations are prohibited. Coaches must be wearing closed-toed shoes at all times.

Additional Items


Masters of Iron Bench – Friday -Session 1 -C-pod

Masters of Iron Full – Friday – Session 2 – C-pod

Masters of Iron Full – Friday – Session 3 – C-pod


Pro-Am Bench – Saturday – Session 1 – C-pod

Pro Raw & Pro-Am Equipped Full – Saturday – Session 2 – C-pod

Pro Bench Bash – Saturday – Session 1 – Rogue Stage

Grand Prix – Saturday – Session 2 – Rogue Stage


Raw Challenge – Sunday – Session 1 – C-pod

Raw Challenge – Sunday – Session 2 – C-pod

Squat Challenge – Sunday – Session 1 – Main Stage

Pro Deadlift – Sunday – Session 2 – Main Stage