Athlete Expo Wrist Bands

17 Jan

All athletes will receive the following at registration:

  • 1 ASF Expo Wrist Band.  This will get  you into the Expo for all three days.
  • 1 Warm-up room wrist band that will get you into the warm-up room only during your session. (ie, if you lift Friday morning, you will receive a wrist band only good Friday morning.)
  • 1-2 warm-up wrist bands for your coach(s).  A maximum of 2 coaches per lifter will be allowed in the warm-up room.  They are only good for the one session they are coaching you.  Coaches must be registered members of USA Powerlifting.

Wrist bands, both ASF and Warm-up room will be handed out during the registration times slots indicated in the schedule.

Coaches must show ID and USA Powerlifting membership to pick up their Expo wristband.